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    New friends,

    I’m brand new here & am seeking information on my “new to me” 1986 one-owner/low-mileage (94,000 miles) 420SEL, that I bought out of an estate 2 days ago.

    Do any of you KNOW if MB ever put the “series emblem” on the right/passenger’s side of the trunk lid?
    (My car has a “ghost” of the emblem’s adhesive on the right side, the paint LOOKS “factory” & I’d like an answer to this “small mystery”.- I found the emblem in the trunk, btw.)

    I called MBUSA & was told that the historian’s office doesn’t usually “deal with” MB cars that are no older than mine.= 1950s-1960s are what the MBUSA considers to be “classics” or “vintage”.

    yours sincerely, jim
    San Antonio, TX

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